Summer Time 2011

Summer time always feels like the most social fun time of year, everything feels lighter and free flowing; although, it does get a bit busy leading up to the school holidays, especially the Christmas celebration.

At Utopia we would all like to wish you enough time with family and friends, enough time to enjoy the warmth of the sun, enough time to play and frolic outside. Enough time to rest and relax and simply BE.

Often at this time of year we set some new year resolutions, a number of years ago I got together with a girl friend of mine and changed the resolutions to goals. We focused on different areas of our life, personal, professional, family, friends, spiritual, financial, and health. This gave us the opportunity to reflect on what is important to us, and what & where in our lives do we need to give more attention to, prioritising. Done with a partner, friend or even with your children, this exercise can help the family and you to keep focused and balanced in these areas in your life.

I would like to welcome Noah Roh who has joined the team at Utopia and will be available for Acupuncture consultations and treatments on Mondays and Wednesdays. And for the entire month of January (2012), Noah is offering, as an introduction, 2 treatment sessions for the price of one. Please click here to read a little bit more about Noah on his profile.

Ilse’s meditation classes have had positive feedback so the next Charka classes will start in the autumn of 2012. Stay tuned for the exact starting dates. Ilse will be available for counselling from the 1st of February.

Noah will be in on Wednesday the 28th December 2011 and Wednesday the 4th January 2012. And back to regular days from Monday the 9th January.

Mychelle will finish working on the 22nd of December and be back available on the 29th & 30th December (just in case you need support after the party). And back into the regular hours from the 3rd January. Of course if there is an emergency please try the mobile 0408887566.

And remember, if looking for that perfect gift for a loved one or a friend, gift vouchers are a great way to gift good health. Click here for some perfect ideas.

What to eat in the summer months click here

Recipes for the summer months

Tomato & Bocconcini Salad

One of my favourites and takes me back to my time in Napoli (Italy)

3 cups of fresh basils leaves

½ cup extra virgin olive oil

500 gms tomatoes (cherry ones work well)

½ cup black olives

6 bocconcini cheese( I prefer buffalo)

2 teaspoons red wine vinegar

Black pepper

Method: Place pepper, tomatoes, olives and most of the olive oil in a large bowl, put bocconcini and a little oil in another bowl, allow these to marinate for 30 mins. Drain bocconcini add to the bowl of tomatoes basil, and olives add red wine vinegar toss and serve. 

Parsley & Broad Bean Salad

Parsley is a great herb to grow in the garden and can be used in so many dishes; this herb has the ability to remove damp reduce urinary tract infections and get rid of bad breath.

Method: Chop a generous bunch of parsley mix with grilled red pepper, fetta cheese, broad beans, cucumber and sun dried tomatoes. Make a simple dressing with a good quality virgin oil and apple cider vinegar. Enjoy!

We would like to thank you all for giving us the opportunity to share in your healing journey and wish you all a safe and happy festive holiday. We look forward to supporting you in better health in 2012, the year of the Dragon, so remember if you haven’t got all the things you want to achieve before the end of 2011 then you have until the 23rd January 2012 where the Chinese New Year begins.

Wishing you good health,

Mychelle Whitewood
& Team Utopia
Utopia Health Care