Headaches & Acupuncture

A drug-free alternative to the pain you've been experiencing that is simple and effective. Acupuncture works because it puts your system back into balance.

If you're suffering from headaches it could be the result of anyone or a combination of problems:

. Emotional stress, anxiety and worry can lead to an increase in tension in the neck and shoulder muscles.

. Sitting in the same position with your head bent over; poor posture and working conditions, these are common in office workers and students; bad lighting; all these can add to the tightening of neck and shoulder muscles.

. Poor eating habits,either food you may have an intolerance to, irregular eating habits excessive amounts of caffeine, (coke, tea, coffee, chocolate), constipation, over-acidity of the stomach. Sinus complaints.

. Liver imbalance, high blood pressure.

. Physical trauma.

. Weather conditions: high humidity, cold, windy days.

Acupuncture treatment is effective for most common headaches including migraine,cluster, period related, stress tension and muscle tension headaches.

Acupuncture can work in a therapeutic and preventive manner by re-harmonising your body's imbalances. Your treatment can actually begin without you even having a headache. After all prevention is better than cure.

The frequency and duration of treatment will vary according to your individual condition. Generally speaking, the longer a patient has had a particular condition, the longer it will take to treat.