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What a wonderful sensation it is to feel the first hints of spring while walking in the garden, the smell of spring flowers, and the sight of green shoots budding. The anticipation of what spring holds, the warmer weather ahead, we can look forward to the shorter nights and longer days.

September marks the beginning of Spring in the southern Hemisphere and In Traditional Chinese Medicine this relates to the Wood element. The associated organs are the Gall bladder and Liver in the horary clock 11pm 1 am and 1- 3 am.

Wood Element

Waking early and being at your most creative in this phase of the day, means the wood aspect of you is healthy and your energy balanced. If you are the type of person that has difficulty waking up or getting motivated in the morning, Wood could be stressed and in need of some support. How is your appetite in the morning? Try starting the day with hot water and lemon to start cleansing the body, stretching before breakfast and get the body in motion.

The wood element governs muscles and tendons, which bring grace and flexibility, so if one is suffering from muscle, knee and elbow issues this may indicate poor wood circulation. Having a Massage is a great way to improve circulation

Wood reflects beginnings, birth and Spring. It is a bursting forth of new ideas, new vitality and new beginnings. Wood Qi is spontaneity, flexibility and activity.  Wood is strong and flexible like bamboo, and associated with warmth, generosity and co-operation.  Wood can be wide and outgoing, always seeking to grow and expand.

Emotions of Wood

Anger is the emotion related to Wood. When all is in balance, a person can move forward with plans even when there are bumps in the road they will, have the ability to deal with changes. When out of balance, anger results from being thwarted in planning and execution. This Anger can become the primary emotion, with a person interpreting that his way, the right way, is blocked. Shout is the sound associated with Wood, this can be heard in the tone of someone’s speech and not necessarily in anger try listen to friends when in conversation to guess their element type.. . If one has rested and stored their energy in the winter, one will have the strength to move forward with new plans and projects in the spring. As with plants bursting through the ground and growing up toward the sunlight, we will also feel the urge to be outside as the weather warms up, to garden or build or begin new activities

Recipes for a more Healthier Lifestyle

  • Leafy green vegetables are extremely good for balancing Liver and Wood energy. Eat lots of greens: kale, spinach, mustard, dandelion and other leafy greens. The more greens the better! A balanced diet and chewing slowly help build Gall Bladder energy.
  • Don’t eat when you are distracted: watching TV, standing, walking, talking or reading.
  • To release stress, anger or impatience from Liver or Gall Bladder, try turning up the music, sing, and dance, have some FUN move the Qi!  Have a full belly laugh with friends!
  • Acupuncture can help move and restore balance. Acupuncture is great for can treating stress, anger, stress headaches and migraines, which can be caused by muscular tension.
  •  A person born under the Chinese Astrology element of Wood (Dragon Rabbit Tiger) will often be ambitious -shrugging off doubts as to their abilities and believing that the path they choose to take is the right one. Their enthusiasm may sometimes be perceived as over-confidence, but their productivity isn't achieved through ruthless arrogance and single-mindedness: rather, their achievements are enacted by a willingness to work with others and nurture their project and ideas, they seem to have a never-ending supply of energy. A person's enthusiasm shows itself in a number of ways - they develop their own ideas through a keen attitude to learning, and though it may not always show, they are essentially open-minded and always thinking of others.
  • Spring is a time to clean.
  • Lacking inspiration try a massage to get things physically moving.
  • Consider a reading with Di for some insight or support for a new direction with a coaching session
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Wishing you good health,

Mychelle and the Team at Utopia Health Care