Recipe Ideas

The following are a couple of my recommended recipes to help promote for good health.

Try roasting or dry frying some nuts and seeds to sprinkle on steamed veggies. Cook foods longer at lower temp for longer.

Make a barley soup with turnip, celery, carrot, and add miso for flavouring if desired.

Foods which nourish the kidney’s  are millet, barley, tofu, black beans, kidney beans, black berries, mulberries, blue berries, wheat germ, water chestnut, potatoes, seaweed, black sesame seeds, eggs, walnuts, and pork. 

Foods that warm the kidneys are cloves, fenugreek, aniseed, ginger, cinnamon, the onion family, and quinoa.  Parsley, raspberry, and rosehip all make nice teas.

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