Energetically, we all have aspects of the five elements (fire, metal, earth, water, wood) in various combinations and intensity. In Chinese medicine, fire element is considered the most yang in nature. This translates in practical ways such as feeling lighter, more expansive, playful and sociable.

Notice how much easier it is to connect with other people in summer?

The effect of the sun brings out our ‘sunny’ nature. This could be as simple as smiling at someone on the street to wanting to be around friends or family in a fun and festive way. We have more energy, vitality, enthusiasm and warmth and when your fire is healthy, it’s only natural to share this with people.

Aligning with the Fire element for Maximum Health and Wellbeing

As the weather warms up, your exercise program will naturally start to include more yang energy (think cardio) running, cycling, swimming, sailing, rollerblading etc. Your muscles will be warm so less stretching is required – less yoga, less tai chi and less meditation. It’s time to get active and be involved!

Too Much Fire

There are many fantastic things about summer, but as we face another summer of heightened bushfire threat, Australians are all too aware of the extremes of the fire element. Even though our bodies can cope with later nights, drinking more and overindulgence of foods, we have to be mindful of problems related to excessive heat build-up in our body. Signs and symptoms to look out for may include insomnia, persistent headaches, excessive emotional states, red face and eyes, reflux, and vertigo. Just as we need to keep our gardens shaded and watered, our bodies also need to be protected from the excesses of heat through adequate hydration and appropriate dietary considerations. Beware of extremes: a healthy person is a balanced one.