The Metal Element

The strength of the lungs will indicate the body’s own effective immune system, also known as wei qi or protective qi. This protects the skin, nose and mouth from external attack by viruses, cold and germs. These external attacks can often be led by wind. So if the wei qi is not strong one can get every cold and virus going around, and the cold may last longer, so this is a perfect time of year to boost the wei qi or the lung energy, to protect from colds and flu, the common pathologies that are around at this time of year.

The Emotions of Metal

This corresponds to the emotion of grief, sadness and loss; the Lungs and the Large Intestine are where this emotion is expressed inside the body. A secondary aspect of grief is loneliness, which is often a deliberate act of isolation to process traumatic information.

Lungs that are strong make an individual effective in how they go about their tasks and help maintain their purpose in life. The Large Intestine lets go of what is no longer necessary.

When the Metal Element is out of balance, a person will create a barrier of emotional protection, to discourage others from physical or emotional contact. They can cut themselves off from others and can often appear as being aloof. 

The Metal Element within the healthy individual is expressed through a person’s radiance and their ability to inspire others.  This person has a healthy self esteem, recognising their own intrinsic value, and is able to honour their commitments. This balance promotes the ability to experience sadness and let go. The beauty of metal lies in its ability to change; think of the many and varied roles you have in your own life.

Breathing Exercise – mindful breathing connects you to the present moment. Allow yourself to sit comfortably, place your hands lightly on your lower rib cage and belly so that fingertips lightly touch.  Breathe so that your fingertips move slightly away from each other. This encourages deep breathing and exercises your diaphragm.  Breath for 10 counts (inbreath + outbreath = 1 count).  If you get distracted, start again. Try this whenever you are stressed.