Shiatsu Massage Therapy

The word comes from the Japanese word 'Shi' meaning finger and 'atsu' meaning pressure, and is a branch of Oriental medicine. Application stimulates the energy flow of meridians and works on the principles of Chi or Qi also know as Prana or simply energy.

Oriental medicine theory maintains that health is dependent on all parts of the body and a person's lifestyle, being balanced and coordinated. Thus the emphasis of Shiatsu is to reinforce or re-establish the body's ability to function harmoniously and stimulate the immune system to protect itself against disease. The aim is not only to alleviate the immediate problem, but also to determine and treat the cause. Diagnostic skills are used to determine the course of treatment, questioning, palpation, and the pulse. Shiatsu integrates meridian therapy, point selection, moxibustion, cupping, and corrective exercises as part of the healing process.

The treatment is most often experienced as deeply relaxing; the clients wear loose, comfortable clothes and lies on a futon (mat) on the floor. The practitioner uses direct pressure with hands and fingers and sometimes with elbows and knees on the client's body. Shiatsu works by stimulating the circulation of Blood and Qi to reactivate the body's natural flow and to reduce or eliminate the restrictions (stagnation) which may impede circulation and give rise to muscular tension, stress, illness, injury and pain. Shiatsu also has the ability to reinforce those areas of the body left deficient or undernourished by blood or Qi. Beneficial effects through all the body's circulatory systems (blood, nervous, lymphatic & respiratory) are enhanced by this simple form of Japanese massage.

Mychelle's experience, expertise and understanding of the interconnections between physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing bring to Shiatsu a unique treatment experience.

Some common things that Shiatsu addresses:

  • Aches, pains, tension headaches & migraines.
  • Physical & emotional trauma.
  • Sleeping problems, lack of stamina.
  • Poor concentration, fatigue.
  • Painful muscles and joints.
  • Menstrual disorders.
  • Digestive and bowel irregularities.
  • Hayfever, asthma, skin conditions and constant colds.
  • Sport injury.
  • Weight loss, cellulite.
  • Low libido.

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