Therapeutic Meditation

Meditation is a health and well being skill that influences the physical body, our psychological state, our feelings and the energetic systems of a person.    It enables activation of the body’s innate healing processes, and improves well-being.  Meditation as a conscious procedure aligns the mind and body and provides the opportunity to access and integrate the inherent soul and spark of spirit within us all.

In the last part of the 20th century, meditation in western society was rediscovered and developed to become an integral part of the modern day thinking about health and is today recognised as a crucial stress management tool. It was one of the oldest skills known to ancient communities both indigenous and civilized. In this millennium, it is once again being recognised as such as this process is adapted and applied to many personal and professional development, healing and support purposes.

Therapeutic Meditation Guide Ilse Jamonts has joined the team at The Utopia Well Being Clinic in South Yarra.

Ilse has researched and taught Meditation since 1978 and has developed healing strategies utilising meditation methods. She is a practising registered Div 1 Nurse with Post Graduate Qualifications in Community Health Education, Midwifery, Human Relations Education, Drug Rehabilitation and Counselling. She has studied Colour Therapy, Chinese Massage, and Energetic Healing Methods including Reiki Levels 1, 2; Vibrational Healing Methods and Clinical Aromatherapy. She also currently works at Windana Withdrawal House, Community Centre Prahan and the Therapeutic Community in Maryknoll. Ilse also has an International Private Practise in Box Hill, and her work experience has included Management Consultancy in Stress Management and People Skills employed as a Trainer/Counsellor/coach for Industry  all levels and sectors including Tafe Colleges; Shepherd Foundation and private groups since the 1980’s.