Remedial Massage

Remedial massage utilises a variety of techniques to address any imbalances or pain syndromes that may be present.  Techniques include soft and deep tissue massage, cross- fibre stretching, trigger point release and assisted stretching. These techniques speed up the body’s own repair mechanisms and allow the healing of knotted or damaged tissue, restricted or immobilised joints and tension within the body.  Patterns of muscle imbalance are addressed during your treatment and helpful exercises are given for your ongoing maintenance if required.  Many sports and workplace injuries such as strains, tendinopathy, and muscle tightness can be successfully treated and prevented with this type of massage.   

Christina uses her knowledge and experience to determine the underlying cause of the pain dysfunction and to consider other parts of the body that will be compensating.  Areas of muscular tension and tightness are quickly identified and treated using a variety of techniques.  Regular massage, even when not in pain, has many reported benefits and brings about a higher level of awareness within your own body.