I used 4 pieces of Osso Bucco

Stalk of celery

½ onion chopped

1–1 ½ Cup sweet potato,

1 Cup carrot

About 10 dried apricots (I prefer the Australian ones, as they are local and slightly more sour).

About 250 gms green beans

½ red pepper

Stock or water and stock cube for those that don’t have stock

Method: Sauté onion and celery in a heavy base pan with a lid that can go in the oven.

Oh, I added coriander powder at this point too.

Brown the meat, next add the stock and put the lid on and turn down the heat.

Cut up sweet potato, and carrots and apricots, this gets added into the dish after 15 mins of the meat cooking, so the stock should be simmering; you need to watch the fluid level so it doesn’t dry out. Remember casseroles are also known as wet dishes, because they have a sauce.

These dishes are always better the next day and something that can be cooking while you’re making another evening meal.

So the green bean and red pepper get added about 8 mins before you want to serve. I like my green vegetables to still be green and crisp. NB Red peppers can be added earlier if you prefer.

This dish can be served with a carbohydrate, such as: rice, couscous, or any number of grains. But I didn’t feel the need.