Mychelle Whitewood

Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine

About Mychelle Whitewood

Mychelle is the founder Utopia Health Care. She is a fully qualified and registered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner with over 20 years’ experience. She is passionate about the benefits of TCM for maintaining overall wellbeing and for correcting a range of health disorders and disease. Mychelle supports individuals to heal, evolve and follow their destiny.

Mychelle first experienced Chinese Medicine as a teenager and was amazed that her acupuncture session felt as revitalising as eight hours of sleep. Years later, after a long stint of living overseas and travelling extensively, she returned to Melbourne and experienced her first Shiatsu treatment. The flame that was sparked years earlier burst afire, and she felt her soul calling to learn and practice the deep wisdom of TCM.


Even after years of study and practice in TCM, Mychelle still expresses amazement that acupuncture has such dramatic effects on the body; relieving headaches faster than Western pharmaceuticals or dropping a fever in moments, one needle may be all that is needed to correct an issue. Mychelle has developed into an highly skilled acupuncturist who is able to elicit rapid results for wide ranging health issues.


Many Chinese Herbs are used in food therapy. Mychelle will often prescribe Chinese herbs as part of a holistic response to health issues. They are known to support, nurture and improve the health of the body/mind. Often added to cooking for therapeutic benefits, when taken separately they can deliver a more targeted health outcome, rebalancing and re-harmonising the body. It can be as simple as using fresh ginger in a tea or in cooking; ginger is warm and pungent and used to warm and calm the digestion system and help alleviate nausea.


Mychelle believes Shiatsu is a superior massage modality for bringing balance into the system; nurturing and nourishing the body through touch. Over many years studying under a Master, Mychelle has come to respect and appreciate Shiatsu as an effective, non invasive and deeply therapeutic system that heals the body, mind and emotions. Shiatsu is delivered while patients are clothed. Shiatsu is based on the same principles of acupuncture, to stimulate the flow of energy and improve circulation.


Having spent her early years in the hospitality industry and cooking in a variety of cuisine styles both overseas and in Australia, Mychelle already had a passion for food, preparation, presentation, and nutritional value. She enjoys the pleasure of sharing good food with family and friends. Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends food therapy as basic to good health and is set within a simple system of five flavours, that correspond to the five elements and seasons, these are: sour/ wood spring, bitter/fire summer, sweet/ earth late summer, pungent/metal autumn, salt/water winter. Mychelle will often recommend a range of foods to balance the health and emotional issues of people and devotes time to sharing her knowledge of food therapy with people, because it is one of the simplest ways to empower people to protect and enhance their own health for the long term.


In everything Mychelle does, she seeks to learn not only about Chinese Medicine, but also other modalities that effect the body/mind/spirit connection. Mychelle has also undertaken extensive esoteric studies in the use of crystals, vibrational essences, shells, flowers, essential oils, meditation, Bowen therapy, Kinergetics and past life regression. Together with all aspects of TCM, Mychelle incorporates these elements in her work and her unique combination of skills, experience, expertise and understanding of the interconnections between physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing delivers a unique and comprehensive treatment experience.

Mychelle has a Certificate IV in Counselling and has worked as a volunteer at Care Ring and Life Line and weaves counselling into her sessions as needed.


Mychelle has a great interest and has studied intensively in paediatrics, fertility, pregnancy and childbirth support. Always pursuing knowledge and wisdom, Mychelle takes regular self-funded trips to China to undertake study intensives in hospitals with Master Practitioners of TCM. She has a Working with Children Certificate as well.

She is also a avid swimmer and volunteers as a swimming instructor during school term breaks.