calcium bentonite clay

 “From preventing the proliferation of pathogenic germs and parasites to aiding with the rebuilding of healthy tissues and cells - Clay is a ‘living’ cure.”

what is living clay?

A clay that can change, grow and reconfigure itself. One that acts as a catalyst with the body to speed cellular revitalisation and healing. This rare combination of negative-charged trace minerals enhances the production of enzymes providing micronutrients beneficial to living plants and animals. Through its qualities of absorption/ adsorption, a trait unique only to the Smectite family of clays, this clay long ago proved it self to be a superior detox agent, exceptional in its ability to draw and bind with harmful toxins.

The negative ionic electromagnetic charge of its crystalline composition allows Living Clay to interact intelligently within its environment. In other words it brings balance, stimulation, revitalisation and circulation to the body.

Green Smectite clays that expand/swell have superior absorption properties and are clearly the best choice for internal use. Furthermore, these specific properties when found in a Calcium Bentonite make it the premier choice for use with the human digestive system.

Living Clay can be used both internally and externally (as directed by your practitioner), and has been known to have multiple benefits for your overall good health.


Using clean, natural, pure, contaminant-free Calcium Bentonite Clay internally can be advantageous for general health. Suggested internal daily dosage is 2–4 Tablespoons of the premixed liquid. Traditionally, eating 1 teaspoon of hydrated clay will achieve the same benefits.

Some internal uses of Calcium Bentonite Clay are:

  • ·       Detoxification of the digestive system
  • ·       Bacterial food poisoning, organic and non-organic toxicity removal
  • ·       Removal of heavy metals and recovery from chemical therapies and radiation
  • ·       Elimination of internal parasites (digestive tracts)
  • ·       Improved immune system function
  • ·       Increases absorption of vitamins and nutrients
  • ·       Liver Detoxification
  • ·       Neutralizes stomach ailments from ulcers and Acid Reflux
  • ·       Alkalizing agent in the body - balances pH
  • ·       Fixes free oxygen in the blood stream
  • ·       Increases T-cell count
  • ·       Reduction of free radical damage
  • ·       To cleanse and detox the colon
  • ·       Stimulates latent cell energy


Calcium Bentonite Clay is used by some of the most exclusive Spas & Resorts in the world. There is no finer or more effective Clay for facial treatments, full body wraps and clay baths.

In addition it is used topically for:

  • ·       Detoxification of heavy metals stored in body tissues
  • ·       Poison Ivy, Oak and Shingles
  • ·       Eczema, Psoriasis and skin rashes   
  • ·       Acne reduction
  • ·       Wart removal   
  • ·       Toenail fungus
  • ·       Insect bites – wasps, spiders, scorpions, bees, fire ants
  • ·       Jammed joints   
  • ·       Sprains and strained muscles
  • ·       Cuts, bruises and abrasion healing
  • ·       To stop severe bleeding – Powder Clay
  • ·       Pull out infection and gangrene from a wound or sore
  • ·       Cradle cap and diaper rash
  • ·       Aching joints  
  • ·       Radiation exposure
  • ·       Burns and chemical burns

Full body application with 10–15 minutes in a Far Infrared Sauna, followed by a clay bath will detox heavy metals from the soft tissues of the body. Clay baths will also relieve sore stressed muscles in minutes.

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* NB. These exerts were taken from ‘How to KICK-START Your Day with Living Clay An Instructional Manual‘, Written & Published by Perry A~  & Associates Kyle, Texas, © 2011 Perry A~. For more detailed information go to: